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Spa Foot Therapy
        This is an exquisite foot treatment which includes an herbal foot soak in the whirlpool foot bath, exfoliating scrub, deep sea mud mask, warm paraffin and finalized with a relaxing foot massage.
Herbal Body Wrap
        The body is wrapped in cotton wraps soaked with an aloe-herbal solution. The client lounges comfortably for 45 minutes in the warm botanical extracts under a steam canopy. The solution tones and tightens surface skin and boosts cellular activity in deeper layers to resore elasticity and firmness to tissues. Each treatmen cleanses toxins from the fat cells, resulting in size and inch loss.
  Seris of 6 treatments$350
Aromatherapy Steam Treatment
        With this relaxing spa treatment, the client is placed in a steam canopy while breathing in steam containing essential oils. This is a great pre-treatment, helping to relax the mind and body in preparation for massage.
  1/2 hour$25
Paraffin Treatments
        This treatment using a deep penetrating heat wax helps to relieve soreness, stiffness and pain due to arthritis, sprains, strains, tendonitis, fractures and muscle spasms. Very beneficial when used prior to massage therapy. The warm wax surrounds the skin helping to improve circulation and heal injured tissues.
  knees (including massage of area)$30
  hands or feet (includes masage)$35
  Both hands and feet (including massage)$50
  Back paraffin (includes back massage)$55
Ear Coning
        This treatment safely removes wax buildup and fluid in the ears to help relieve congestion and improve hearing that is caused from buildup of wax
  1/2 hour$25
Hand Treatment
        Using Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion, tighten and firm your hands while reducing the signs of age spots.

Each Therapy client is asked to complete a medical history form on the first visit. A state licensed and trained therapist will consult with you and discuss particular problem areas. The treatment for that day will be planned and performed according to each individual client's needs. Like exercise, therapeutic treatments do more for you if you engage in it regularly. Therefore, we offer discount packages for all our treatments.