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A Touch for Health Licensed Massage Clinic and Day Spa opened a State of Arkansas Accredited School of Massage Therapy in July of 2000.

The goal of the school is to prepare the student with a comprehensive and effective understanding of teh human body and its functions and to learn creative techyniques based on sound principles. Each student should have confidence and pride in their new profession in massage therapy.

The School holds licensing under the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy and all instructors are state licensed.

Located at 502 East 24th Street in Texarkana, Arkansas the facility is modern and well equipped offering a relaxing, quiet atmosphere.

A Touch for Health School of Therapy Technology is dedicated to the proffesional practice of massage therapy. Owners, Travis and Mary Walker, Licensed Master Massage Therapy Instructors, are a husband and wife team. They are dedicated to each other in every aspect: mind, body, spirit and soul. Together, they work to educate and bring the community and the world a better understanding of the benefits of professional massage therapy.

Professional Massage Therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Only within the past few years, have the full benefits been better understood. With the high stress dealt with on a daily basis, everyone is now seeking relief from complications that everyday life brings. Home, job and spiritual lives have more challenges than ever before. Stress can and does cause increased complications within the human body. "If everyone in the world would experience a therapeutic massage treatment, the waiting time could be 5 years or longer before everyone could be seen for treatment. There are not enough professionally trained therapists to do the job," stated Mr. Walker at a massage conference.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Walker have experienced health complications related to stress. Mrs. Walker had major migraine headaches for years. Mr Walker deals with severe chronic back pain on a daily basis. They not only know about the real benefits of professional massage therapy, they live it everyday. Most that come to the clinic have expressed a deep appreciate for the help, kindness and efforts to have a better life by dealing with pain and stress.