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A Touch For Health School gives you the hands-on experience that will make you a success in massage therapy    Thank you for your interest in becoming a student of massage therapy! The choice you have made may change your life forever in a very positive way. Massage therapy is a rapidly growing profession with a wide variety of opportunities for the motivated and talented therapist. A career in massage therapy will offer the personal satisfaction of knowing that, as a result of the service you provide, your clients will feel better and enjoy a greater quality of life. Massage therapy is a growing field, and awareness of teh benefits is gaining public attantion. Career opportunities for licensed massage therapists have experienced new heights. Licensed massage therapists may choose to join health care teams or to engage in private practice.

At A Touch For Health, students are educated on the principals of therapeutic massage as a way to enhance and promote health and healing. The school is committed to professional excellence by providing a supportive, comfortable learning environment.
The most important treatment foals of massage therapy are therapeutic benefits and promoting good health, muscular and general relaxation, education and body awareness. To achieve these goals, the therapist will need an understanding of the body and its functions, massage techniques, and therapeutic skills such as assessment, application, and evaluation of those skills. The essence of massage therapy is the skillful and sensitive touch that effects the physical body, the mind, emotions, and spirit.