There are countless benefits that can be achieved through the services offered by our facility. Feel free to call our office or email us for any concerns or questions you might have. You can also post a question by clicking on "Q & A" on the left hand side of this page.

Conditions Generally Relieved by Therapeutic Massage
  • Stress & Tension
  • Mental & Physical Fatigue
  • Pain in the Shoulders, Neck & Back
  • Muscle Soreness from Overexertion can be reduced or prevented
  • Circulation and Muscle Tone are improved
  • Digestion and Elimination are often improved
  • Facial Massage tones the skin preventing blemishes and softening fine lines
  • Headaches and Leg Cramps
  • Deep Relaxation is induced and Insomnia is relieved
  • Obesity (overweight) and Flabby Muscles can be improved when combined with proper exercise and diet programs
  • Adhesions and Scar Tissue can be reduced or prevented as traumatized muscle tissues heal
  • Joing Mobility can be increased
  • Renewed Sense of Confidence and Control